The Bowling Green Massacre*

This week I really wanted to write something humorous. Maybe find a few laugh-worthy sketches and comics. Instead, I’m disappointed. Thinking of this administration¹ I hang my head low.

We had the travel ban, and a clear demonstration by the Trumpster which, to me, goes against everything that is essential to a political system that is fair through checks and balances. I briefly talked about checks and balances here. Essentially, it is the separation of power in government, in the form of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, that allow for checks and balances. This is a good thing: it promotes the security of liberty by balancing and restraining tyranny to preserve freedom.

Now note, it is not just the existence of these branches that is important, but also the ability of these branches to be able to check and restrain the other branches. It is so to prevent any one branch of government from becoming an absolute².

Speaking of checks and balances, you might know of this one guy Jefferson, on his Notes on the State of Virginia he called out that “the powers of government should be so divided and balanced among several bodies of magistracy, as that none could transcend their legal limits, without being effectively check and restrained by the others”³.

So does the class want to take a stab at why the Trumpster fired acting US Attorney General Sally Yates?

Okay, okay, wrong question. I should ask what it means: What it means is that the political branch of government, i.e. the executive, is bent on silencing the judiciary, which exists to check the executive. Yes, let that settle. Think on it. Mr Trumpster said goodbye to Yates because she disagreed with him, instead choosing to replace her with Dana Bonte who agrees with the Trumpster. What we are seeing see a man hiring lapdogs, and yes-men. Is this the government that the people of the United States of America deserve? One which panders to itself? One which silences those who disagree, speak up, and those who question?

Okay, anyone else need a breather? And an Advil?

And to the ladies of The View who here talk about Yates’ dismissal, and whether Sessions’ will be just another yes-man.

* Oh and as for the title of this blog piece, the Bowling Green Massacre, here, here and here are some relevant commentary.

¹ If it is not clear that I am referring to the Trumpster’s administration, then we would much appreciate the address to the rock you’ve been under.

²… an absolute asshat.

³ This if you would believe it is from an actual book: Roger Scruton’s The Palgrave Macmillian Dictionary of Political Thought, p. 89


Check, please!

You have to feel really low if Trump is chastising you.¹, ²,³

As the year began, behind closed doors the Republican Party voted to weaken the independent Office of Congressional Ethics. Now the story has, mostly, blown over with the Republicans walking off stage, tails between their legs.

If you did not know, the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) was established in the wake of a lobbying scandal in 2008. It was set up to investigate corruption allegations against members of Congress.

The secret vote had it come to fruition would have led to the OCE falling under control of a House committee – specifically there would have been a name change (the Office of Congressional Complaint Review was top pick), and it would have become a subordinate body to the House Ethics Committee, which in this political climate is ruled by the Republican majority. The proposed new body would not have allowed anonymous tips from members of Congress, and nor would it have made its findings from investigations public.

Had this made it through, with the Republicans controlling all three branches of government, another layer of constraint on their powers would have been removed as such a vote would have seriously restricted the power, and ultimately purpose, of the OCE. What this means is that another check would have been dismantled.

Checks and balances allow for the separation of power in government, thus ensuring that no one branch may have too much control. In most cases this divides the Government into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial.

Checks and balances are essential to the security of liberty. John Adams phrases this more eloquently as he speaks of the balancing of these branches of government: “It is by balancing each of these powers against the other two, that the efforts in human nature toward tyranny can alone be checked and restrained, and any degree of freedom preserved in the constitution”.

Our governments need systems, entities, and bodies to question, investigate, and check the branches of power. Because in a world where bodies such as the OCE lose their power, we might be looking at a world where corruption and tyranny can run free.


¹By no means do we suggest that the Trumpster should be anyone’s moral compass, after all his concerns were based on what he perceived to be of greater value and not one on ethics: tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance…than the OCE which the Donald thought to be unfair

² I did try to find a link to the original tweet, but seven tweets into the Trumpster’s feed and I was starting to feel a tad queasy

³ Instead, here is Trevor Noah’s take, and here are some quick facts about the OCE