steve bannon

Steve Bannon

Apparently, Trump is in a race to see just how quickly I can come to loathe his policies and appointments as much as I loathed Obama’s. (Magic answer: Pretty dang quick).

As Trump’s chief strategist, he has appointed a man named Steve Bannon. If your immediate response is: Who? Allow me to introduce you!

Born in 1953 in Norfolk Virginia (one of the US states on the east coast, famous for a whole bunch of Presidents and some other stuff that probably isn’t important), Bannon is the executive chair of an organization called Breitbart News, a very very VERY conservative newsgroup, something so far off the path it’s called “alt-right”. What do we mean by that? Well, in Bannon’s case, we mean someone who’s a xenophobic, racist, mysgonistic poopy head. I’d use worse words, but this a mostly family blog, after all.

If you too feel like you need to take a shower after reading that, enjoy this cartoon from The Denver Post: