Around the World in Seven Stories

For today’s news post, let’s go around the world in seven stories.

Story the First: Iraqi insurgents have secured control of border posts. Which led to John Kerry shooting his mouth off about “intense” support to Baghdad. (I predict there will be boots on the ground before the month is out).

Story the Second: Obama is asking Putin to control his arms. (Hilarious, since Obama can’t seem to control his in Iraq).

Story the Third: Syria has gotten rid of its chemical weapons (at least the ones it admits to having).

Story the Fourth: Iran might outsource it’s nuclear program . . . to North Korea. Oh, that’s a wonderful idea! Next, perhaps we could all plan sunny vacations in North Korea!

Story the Fifth: Pope Francis, who thinks atheists have a shot at being in heaven, excommunicated the mobsters. Some of whom are Catholic. And live in Italy. I’ll let irony sink in for you.

Story the Sixth: How much authority the EPA should have is a source of big debate.

Story the Seventh: Let’s do a mini IRS update!

There’s a lot of questions about the missing IRS emails. Most recently, it’s come out the IRS stopped paying for their storage bill just weeks after Lerner emailed those emails. (Say it with me: coincidence!) And that the White House knew about these missing emails six weeks before Congress! The IRS insists Congress will get all the emails (nobody has any problem believing them, right?) and that they haven’t been obstructing Congress, noooooo. Which made some people (notably Trey Growdy) really unhappy. If you’d like to hear some nice clips from today’s hearing, here you go.

And that is the news fit to print.



The IRS Scandal to Date

For those of you not in the US, you may not be up on the IRS scandal. You may even be wondering what the IRS is and why we Americans care so much.

The Internal Revenue Service (or IRS) is the bane of many Americans lives. Every April 15th, taxes are due to the IRS. And they have the power to do what’s called an audit if they smell shenanigans. An audit is where they force you to turn over proof that you don’t owe them money. Proof for the last seven years. And if they get really energetic, they can go back to the first return you ever did.

Nobody much likes them, but pretty much everyone thinks of them as fair. (Or, at least, that if you were in trouble with them, it was most likely your own fault).

Or, at least they did until May 2014.

Some groups here in the US started noticing that they were being asked to do a lot of audits. These groups all had a similar ideology, what’s labeled conservative here in the US. Especially groups belonging to a new political player on the scene of our two party politics, the Tea Party which is very far “right” or conservative. (Why the conservatives are on the right and the liberals on the left is a long conversation, best left to another post some other time). So the Federal Bureau of Investigations (the FBI) decided to open a probe of the IRS. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, of course. Just that they’re curious as to what’s there. Interestingly enough, the attorney general Eric Holder was the one who asked for it. (Why interesting? Well, let’s just say that Eric Holder has some real issues in his character). But the probe revealed some “inappropriate criteria” were used. Everyone agrees the IRS should be scrutinizing groups that are trying to masquerade as something they’re not, (certain groups in the USA get tax breaks while others don’t – the rules are complex) but that wasn’t was going on.

So now the investigation began as to exactly what criteria was used, for how long, and who knew about it. And another grand American tradition: lawsuits. Expensive lawsuits.

There was some initial thought that perhaps a lot of groups were being targeted, regardless of ideology, but that was found to not be the case. Conservative groups were overwhelmingly targeted. Beginning in March 2010 through May 2013, the IRS targeted groups with certain words in their names. Yes, really. It started in Cincinnati and grew like a cancer to other offices in Washington D.C. (the main seat of Federal government) and California. The groups were put on a “Be On the Lookout” list. A number of the conservative groups had their applications dragged out for years, while liberal groups were approved on the spot. It is true that some of the groups had good reason to be investigated. But the majority of them simply had the “bad luck” to be aligned with certain political groups. And investigation in 20113 revealed that higher officials knew about this as early as mid 2011. In 2012, IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was asked about it and denied it was happening – then resigned his post before the controversy came to light. And refused to apologize it happened on his watch for awhile. (Always amusing).

This was only the beginning of “coincidences” like that. And the usual fighting over who knew what and when.

In May 2013, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released an audit report which confirmed the IRS was using inappropriate criteria. This audit report found that: “some IRS employees were ‘ignorant about tax laws, defiant of their supervisors and blind to the appearance of impropriety'”. Before the audit was released, Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division Lois Lerner answered a question before the House Ways and Means committee, saying the IRS was apologetic for inappropriate actions. (This question was later revealed to be planted). She asserted that it was only lower level employees and not centrally planned, but the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report showed that Lerner herself had been informed at a meeting she had attended on June 29, 2011. An IRS watchdog (J. Russell George) was criticized for not bringing the issue to light earlier, but claimed he wanted to be sure of the facts.

So a deeper investigation began by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Which began, as you might expect, with Lois Lerner. Who said, and I quote: “I have not done anything wrong. I have not broken any laws. I have not violated any IRS rules or regulations. And I have not provided false information to this or any other congressional committee.” She then pled the 5th. (The amendment against self-incrimination). Which is an interesting plea for someone who hasn’t done anything wrong or broken any laws. However, since she had told part of the story to Congress already, she was found to have waived 5th Amendment rights. (You don’t get to tell just part of the story and not be questioned about it). There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not she can selectively invoke silenced, since she was called before a grand jury. In May 2013, former Commissioner Shulman stated he was “absolutely sure” he had not told anybody in the White House about the targeting, despite the fact he visited the White House on a regular basis. (Though not as often as some have asserted).

Needless to say, when the whole thing went public, people were not happy.

There were demonstrations in front of the White House, in Cherry Hill, and other places. Obama denounced the IRS for the targeting of the groups. There was a call for Acting Commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, among others, to resign. And, of course, Lois Lerner. She refused to resign and was placed on administrative leave, then retired in September 2013.

Then the controversy died down a bit – until this past week. When the IRS, again an organization obsessed with people keeping records, claimed to be missing emails from Lerner.

I’ll give you a moment to imagine how that went down.

So then it turned out that it was not just Lerner – seven people involved in the investigation were mysteriously “missing” emails. Not that anybody actually thinks this is feasible, you will remember. And it sure was a funny coincidence that at least one of those people visited the White House a lot. Until, that is, it turned out the IRS has known this for months.

You would think the very least the IRS could do is apologize, right? Right?

Well, they’re not doing that.

Now, lawmakers are calling on the National Security Administration (NSA) to release the emails. (An agency that got in hot water not long ago for, well, keeping records on Congress it wasn’t supposed to). If the NSA’s record keeping proves better than the IRS, there’s really only one conclusion to be drawn.

The NSA ought to be in charge of collecting taxes.

More on this story as it unfolds.


Pre Boots on the Ground

Obama is sending 300 military advisers to Iraq. Which is not, we are to understand, a military solution. Despite the fact that he is sending 300 Green Berets. (It wasn’t clear to me if those 300 Berets were considered “advisers” or not, and I didn’t see another news room carrying the green berets story).

I find this fascinating, and not only because Australia is generally considered part of the “Western” world. What do Aussies have to do with ISIS?

Speaking of ISIS, they’ve hung their flag over an oil refinery. (Which means the US will be looking at higher gas prices. Just in time for the more expensive summer blend. Great). If you, like me, were wondering how ISIS got to be such a big deal in the first place, this article sheds some light on it. Though why the ISIS is seizing the chemical stockpile that Hussein “didn’t” have . . . (All right, so it was WMDs Hussein didn’t have, but the news media here sometimes makes it sound like that means Hussein didn’t have anything dangerous at all).

I find this article, that insists on referring to the Ukrainians as rebels, both vague and irritating. Wasn’t Ukraine the one that was invaded? In fact it was, and pro-tip to Russia: sending 3,000 troops is a little bit beyond “regrettable”.

The IRS scandal from yesterday isn’t “feasible”. Shocker. Is anybody really surprised the IRS isn’t following the law? (This opinion piece made me laugh. Good luck!) The government can’t even get their website to work – when they had ample warning ahead of time. Does anyone expect Obama to reign in the IRS?

In other things that will make you sick, Michelle Obama is defending her lunch standards. Despite the fact they do not accommodate for students in athletics, who have different calorie needs, who just plain won’t eat the food . . . And, of course, there is the fact that it really isn’t the government’s business what we eat. But the government rarely misses an area of meddling that doesn’t concern them. Just like schools themselves sometimes.

This made me both sick and sad. Those poor kids. Hey, Michelle, maybe you should go feed lunch to these kids. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

Egypt, you should not be torturing people in prisons. Stop it.


Of Mice, Perhaps

As usual, the government officials have decided to do absolutely nothing more useful than finger pointing. And, yet, insurgency still continues to grow in Iraq. That will not help civil liberty.

Iran digs in its heels about nuclear centrifuges. Iran having nuclear centrifuges is such a good idea! I repeat my prediction of yesterday that they will not be troopless for long.

The proposed ambassador for Norway has never been there. Which is about par for the course in the Obama administration. Alas, poor Norway.

Why, what a marvelous coincidence! I’m sure there’s nothing at all fishy here for the IRS officials! It’s not like they knew for months or anything. Nixon was more subtle than this.

I’ll admit my confusion on this one about the Mexican police crossing the border being somehow unfair to the Marine in jail. Don’t our own border police also often cross over the border? Or am I missing something?

China has made this official. To the Chinese journalists out there, we feel your pain and wish you only the best.

Another stunning example of someone claiming there will be “no boots on the ground” and, yet, somehow, military intervention by other countries is included. Obama won’t lift a finger to help the Ukraine, but he’s only too happy to get involved in Iraq.

P.S. We will be watching to see how civil liberties are (or are not) protected.












I have a crazy idea about where boots on the ground “aren’t” going to go next.  (Iran, in case you didn’t get that). “Improve relations” seems to be the key phrase for “send in the soldiers”.

I am shocked, just shocked, that the US lawmakers have no suggestions about Iraq. Shocked, I say.

Oh, well, if Biden asks them to, I’m sure the Iraqis will all get along.

Obama believes he is the exception to the rule. As usual.

A lack of preparedness has never stopped us.  But are we really prepared for this?

P.S. I call Shenanigans. Clinton knew – she basically admitted as much. Trying to back peddle now just makes her look silly.

P. P. S. Sadness that 44 detainees died.










Middle Eastern Nonsense

I think the last bit of this, where Obama takes credit for the capture he could have avoided in the first place, is the star of the piece. If only he had known about Benghazi! (He did). If only he could have done something! (He could have). If only he could do something that would amount to more than blame shifting!

If the ISIS hasn’t thought about terrorist attacks yet, I don’t think it will take them long to think of it. While I’m sure the ISIS doesn’t need any help, I sometimes wonder about the intelligence of publishing articles like this. No need to give ideas where there aren’t any yet, eh?

P.S.: Who else thinks Obama will roll over and do nothing while Argentina ignores its debt? Hey, Mr. “Boots on the Ground”, maybe this would be the place to send the soldiers.

P. P. S.: Whoopsie. This administration does not seem to understand how the IRS should work.






A Humble Beginning

Perhaps, when this story about Hillary Clinton – a woman who is supposed to be the Democratic party’s front runner in 2016, the party that stands for women’s rights (with Bill Clinton at the helm?) – perhaps when this is a story that does not make you want to lose your lunch, you have lost perspective on politics. And life in general.

Is anyone really surprised (really) that Mr. “I Will Not Send Boots on the Ground” is now sending boots on the ground? Aren’t we supposed to be supporting a democracy in Iraq? How is it a democracy if we can’t keep our soldiers out of there?

I’ve never understood the purpose of burning the American flag as a form of protest: While there’s certainly animonisty intended in the act, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the flag is supposed to be treated. If you were looking to insult us, perhaps pick a method that is not the one recommended to show honor to the flag.