Of Mice, Perhaps

As usual, the government officials have decided to do absolutely nothing more useful than finger pointing. And, yet, insurgency still continues to grow in Iraq. That will not help civil liberty.

Iran digs in its heels about nuclear centrifuges. Iran having nuclear centrifuges is such a good idea! I repeat my prediction of yesterday that they will not be troopless for long.

The proposed ambassador for Norway has never been there. Which is about par for the course in the Obama administration. Alas, poor Norway.

Why, what a marvelous coincidence! I’m sure there’s nothing at all fishy here for the IRS officials! It’s not like they knew for months or anything. Nixon was more subtle than this.

I’ll admit my confusion on this one about the Mexican police crossing the border being somehow unfair to the Marine in jail. Don’t our own border police also often cross over the border? Or am I missing something?

China has made this official. To the Chinese journalists out there, we feel your pain and wish you only the best.

Another stunning example of someone claiming there will be “no boots on the ground” and, yet, somehow, military intervention by other countries is included. Obama won’t lift a finger to help the Ukraine, but he’s only too happy to get involved in Iraq.

P.S. We will be watching to see how civil liberties are (or are not) protected.