Around the World in Seven Stories

For today’s news post, let’s go around the world in seven stories.

Story the First: Iraqi insurgents have secured control of border posts. Which led to John Kerry shooting his mouth off about “intense” support to Baghdad. (I predict there will be boots on the ground before the month is out).

Story the Second: Obama is asking Putin to control his arms. (Hilarious, since Obama can’t seem to control his in Iraq).

Story the Third: Syria has gotten rid of its chemical weapons (at least the ones it admits to having).

Story the Fourth: Iran might outsource it’s nuclear program . . . to North Korea. Oh, that’s a wonderful idea! Next, perhaps we could all plan sunny vacations in North Korea!

Story the Fifth: Pope Francis, who thinks atheists have a shot at being in heaven, excommunicated the mobsters. Some of whom are Catholic. And live in Italy. I’ll let irony sink in for you.

Story the Sixth: How much authority the EPA should have is a source of big debate.

Story the Seventh: Let’s do a mini IRS update!

There’s a lot of questions about the missing IRS emails. Most recently, it’s come out the IRS stopped paying for their storage bill just weeks after Lerner emailed those emails. (Say it with me: coincidence!) And that the White House knew about these missing emails six weeks before Congress! The IRS insists Congress will get all the emails (nobody has any problem believing them, right?) and that they haven’t been obstructing Congress, noooooo. Which made some people (notably Trey Growdy) really unhappy. If you’d like to hear some nice clips from today’s hearing, here you go.

And that is the news fit to print.



Of Mice, Perhaps

As usual, the government officials have decided to do absolutely nothing more useful than finger pointing. And, yet, insurgency still continues to grow in Iraq. That will not help civil liberty.

Iran digs in its heels about nuclear centrifuges. Iran having nuclear centrifuges is such a good idea! I repeat my prediction of yesterday that they will not be troopless for long.

The proposed ambassador for Norway has never been there. Which is about par for the course in the Obama administration. Alas, poor Norway.

Why, what a marvelous coincidence! I’m sure there’s nothing at all fishy here for the IRS officials! It’s not like they knew for months or anything. Nixon was more subtle than this.

I’ll admit my confusion on this one about the Mexican police crossing the border being somehow unfair to the Marine in jail. Don’t our own border police also often cross over the border? Or am I missing something?

China has made this official. To the Chinese journalists out there, we feel your pain and wish you only the best.

Another stunning example of someone claiming there will be “no boots on the ground” and, yet, somehow, military intervention by other countries is included. Obama won’t lift a finger to help the Ukraine, but he’s only too happy to get involved in Iraq.

P.S. We will be watching to see how civil liberties are (or are not) protected.



I have a crazy idea about where boots on the ground “aren’t” going to go next.  (Iran, in case you didn’t get that). “Improve relations” seems to be the key phrase for “send in the soldiers”.

I am shocked, just shocked, that the US lawmakers have no suggestions about Iraq. Shocked, I say.

Oh, well, if Biden asks them to, I’m sure the Iraqis will all get along.

Obama believes he is the exception to the rule. As usual.

A lack of preparedness has never stopped us.  But are we really prepared for this?

P.S. I call Shenanigans. Clinton knew – she basically admitted as much. Trying to back peddle now just makes her look silly.

P. P. S. Sadness that 44 detainees died.