I have a crazy idea about where boots on the ground “aren’t” going to go next.  (Iran, in case you didn’t get that). “Improve relations” seems to be the key phrase for “send in the soldiers”.

I am shocked, just shocked, that the US lawmakers have no suggestions about Iraq. Shocked, I say.

Oh, well, if Biden asks them to, I’m sure the Iraqis will all get along.

Obama believes he is the exception to the rule. As usual.

A lack of preparedness has never stopped us.  But are we really prepared for this?

P.S. I call Shenanigans. Clinton knew – she basically admitted as much. Trying to back peddle now just makes her look silly.

P. P. S. Sadness that 44 detainees died.



A Humble Beginning

Perhaps, when this story about Hillary Clinton – a woman who is supposed to be the Democratic party’s front runner in 2016, the party that stands for women’s rights (with Bill Clinton at the helm?) – perhaps when this is a story that does not make you want to lose your lunch, you have lost perspective on politics. And life in general.

Is anyone really surprised (really) that Mr. “I Will Not Send Boots on the Ground” is now sending boots on the ground? Aren’t we supposed to be supporting a democracy in Iraq? How is it a democracy if we can’t keep our soldiers out of there?

I’ve never understood the purpose of burning the American flag as a form of protest: While there’s certainly animonisty intended in the act, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how the flag is supposed to be treated. If you were looking to insult us, perhaps pick a method that is not the one recommended to show honor to the flag.