Back, Yay

So unless you’ve been living under a rock on Mars somewhere, I’m sure you’ve all heard that the United States managed to elect the 45th President and that, somehow, it was Donald Trump. (Hey, I can almost say it without throwing up in my mouth a little bit! Wait, no. Nevermind). If you have to ask why I don’t like him, well, he’s racist or, if he isn’t, he appoints people who are, doesn’t like women, or really, people who aren’t him (wealthy, white, males). His vice president, Mike Pence, has a record of wanting to shock people out of being gay.

It was not that Clinton was any better as a candidate, mind you. (I’ll go on record as stating I voted for a third party write in just because I couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else). But Trump? Huh?

Yeah. If you’re a person of faith, send prayers for the USA, eh?

So clearly, the blog which has wasted due to lack of energy, has now become seriously important (while still silly, mind you). Take, for example, this picture from The Week: 20150805edcmc-a_0

See? Silly, Civil, Liberties.

We’re coming BACK baby. Every Friday at 8:00 CA time and other times maybe sometimes!



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