Hello Again Naturally

I most sincerely apologize for the dearth of entries this past week. (*Mutters something about moving houses, job searching, and FFX*)

Three things to try and make up for it.

1. I’d like to introduce the other author of this blog, Mintumble! We will have Mintumble’s very first post this week! (Likely on Sunday).

2. I plan to do updates on the stories I’ve written about, so it should be a little easier to do blog entries. Don’t worry, my acidic commentary on the ongoing news will still be a feature.

3. I’d like to direct your attention to The Leather Library and its subsidiary The Diogenes Society. I plan to be an irregular author to both and will link to those articles here when I do so (and I may post some articles I write here on one of those blogs as well). You can find the links to both in the Freedom Friends list on the right side.

And now for a bonus and to close this post, it’s time for Silly Sayings with Harry, the part of the blog where I post a YouTube of Harry Reid saying something stupid. (Which is a little like what I imagine blowing up fish in a barrel would be like – ridiculously simple, yet also massively entertaining).


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